Craft & Creators.

Behind every hi-tech luminary created by FERROLIGHT lies a thorough study into what light does and what it can do.

We prefer to combine structured professional madness and sky-high requirements, with perfection to the exact millimeter and knowledge of the materials. Ferrolight is where core lighting excellence meets phenomenal minimalistic shape...

Our high-quality lights are designed and manufactured at various production locations in the Netherlands. These exquisite products find their way to companies, furniture and lighting shops, museums, private buyers, and special projects all over the world.

Custom made.

Every room deserves appropriate lighting that creates an atmosphere, gives an experience or offers an extra dimension. That’s why all Ferrolight can also be customized. Ferrolight partners with architects and project bureaus to bring beautiful, functional light into homes, offices, shops, hotels, and gardens. Together we create suitable atmospheres that complement the immediate surroundings. Clear, efficient and unique, Ferrolight produces energy-efficient lighting that mimics the natural warmth of sunlight captured in sublime minimalist design.

March 1987
Copywrite - HomeStudio magazine

Light always shines brighter when in good company. We believe every aspect of the studio should be pleasantly inspiring. Only then can we create the best for our customers and designs and grow in an ever-evolving and healthy future.

Right at the beginning, in 1999, Ferrolight founder Ferdinand Verbeek made his first lighting design upon the request of an old friend. With Ferdinand's creative ability and knowledge of technical implications, he commissioned a unique fixture to be placed in his friend’s living room. At that time, Ferdinand had just sold his first creative endeavor: V.VOX, a company specializing in speakers that had gained a highly admired status in the music industry.

Ferdinand was seeking new challenges when he received his first commission from his old friend. And it was this commission that saw the creation of The Spider, his very first light object. After much enthusiasm from all who marveled at this elegant piece in real life, he began receiving more requests. It was with these requests and challenges for various ideas that he established the FERROLIGHT studio. A studio based upon his love for lighting technology and the inclusion of light in the sensory and aesthetics of people’s lives.

Now, 30 years later on, you’ll still find this passion for cutting-edge technology and high-standard lighting in our lights. With multiple ideas, complete ranges within each collection, and the desire to increase the power of lighting to the sensory of people and their environments, Ferrolight is now paving new paths for the future.