The UNIQ Spot is the solution to not only high energy prices but also the solution to putting your indoor showroom in the sunlight.
With it’s industry leading specifications:

• CRI >93.8
• 3000 Kelvin 
• 130,8 Lumen/Watt System Output

Designer Ferdinand Verbeek has been aiming for the highest with his studio FERROLIGHT Design for years achievable in terms of lighting. Its premium track rail spot UNIQ is the only one with a very high CRI From almost 95 in combination with nice warm light at ±3000K to the new strict guidelines of the E.I.A. measured by the government accredited testing company Laborelec.

The UNIQ trackrail spot scores high on all fronts. The display of colors is due to its perfection can be called unique and a special achievement: a CRI of almost 95 in combination with warm white light at ± 3000K, with a power of 15.1 Watt, an output of 2000 Lumen,130.8 Lumen/Watt system output and a sophisticated heat management. This together with the long lifespan of >100,000 hours, the enormous increase in energy prices and therefore a short payback period, also supported by the subsidy from the government, means that the UNIQ spot is a more than sustainable investment for the business market.

The UNIQ trackrail spot has been designed as the ideal spot for a project-based environment. It's warm realistic light is suitable for galleries, showrooms, high-end interior stores and in project settings. “Where objects need to be illuminated in warm light that reflects the real colors, that’s where the UNIQ is in place,” says Ferdinand Verbeek.

Wat is de E.I.Aㅤonly eligible in the Netherlands!ㅤ

De EIA is een fiscale aftrekregeling. De regeling biedt direct financieel voordeel aan ondernemers die investeren in energiebesparende bedrijfsmiddelen en duurzame energie. Naast de afschrijving mag u van deze investeringen een extra bedrag aftrekken van de winst. Voor 2019 en 2020 is de aftrek 45% van de investering (aanschaf- en voortbrengingskosten). Voor 2021 en 2022 is de aftrek 45,5%.

New Light, more features.

20 hours of light

Ensuring light even on the longest nights.

Press and hold dimming

By pressing and holding you can select
any dim level desired.

Front and Backlight

Now with an optional backlight-strip
to fill the room even more.

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